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  • Do you have a business idea?
    Are you under the age of 25?
    Are you lost in the process of making it happen?
    You don’t know where to begin?
    Maybe we can help you.
    Evgenia Fotopoulou and Solon Molcho will be seeing young people under 25 years of age, trying to begin their careers, for free on the first Wednesday of every month from 10:00 – 12:00.
    Come and share with us any concerns that you may have – of a strategic, legal, procedural or operational nature. We will consult you the best way possible, without any commitment towards us.
    In our effort to support young people’s entrepreneurship, we encourage those that “dare to establish,” to make a hard start in a country where few begin and even fewer keep going.
    The consultation meetings will be taking place at the lawyer office of E. Fotopoulou. For more information, call us on 211 7 808080 (contact person: Ms. Antigoni Michala) or at

  • Proposal for a new voting system

  • The electoral system in effect in Greece for the conduction of the parliamentary elections is the reinforced proportionality system, a mixture of the proportional and the plurality voting systems, which, in the attempt to produce powerful, self-sufficient governments, is accused of interfering with the basic democratic principal, the one establishing that every vote counts equally. The result is the disproportionately large representation of the first party in Parliament at the expense of the rest of the parties, and, consequently, the general will is not expressed as in the elections. However, elections are the only means for the people to come forward, express their will, castigate, award, and, ultimately, govern. Therefore, the – as great as possible – accuracy...

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  • Mediation entails negotiations between two or more parties, assisted by a third party, the mediator, to jointly find an out-of-court solution to avoid the time-consuming, expensive process of litigation. In other words, with the aid of a specially trained expert, the parties are guided towards a dec... [read more]