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Mediation entails negotiations between two or more parties, assisted by a third party, the mediator, to jointly find an out-of-court solution to avoid the time-consuming, expensive process of litigation. In other words, with the aid of a specially trained expert, the parties are guided towards a decision that resolves their dispute. Once signed, that decision is fully binding on the parties and is enforceable in accordance with the provisions of the Hellenic Code of Civil Procedure on the compulsory enforcement of judgements/decisions and executory titles.

All private law disputes can be brought to mediation, provided the parties are empowered to settle the subject matter of the dispute. There are, however, cases where it is not possible to seek recourse to mediation, and a court judgment needs to be issued. A very large number of cases, though, can be resolved out of court since their outcome depends on the free will of the parties; in fact there are many more such cases than one might imagine. Why not ask us. Tell us about your case and we can offer advice about whether it can be brought to mediation or not.

This system has been successfully employed for decades abroad, and not only helps with the more amicable settlement of disputes but also decongests the courts and consequently helps speed up the administration of justice, which at present is severely affected by unbearable delays. Although it was late in coming to Greece, if we also give mediation a chance we will soon realise that it has incalculable benefits for all those involved. We’re not just talking about the obvious ones, like freeing up the courts and shorter dispute resolution times, but also about lower costs, the ability to salvage the relationship between the parties which is almost impossible in bitter litigation battles, and the option to find a solution tailored to the needs of the parties compared to the judgment handed down by the judge, as a third party, which often comes as quite a surprise to the litigants.

Put your trust in specially accredited mediators whose goal is to help you and who will try, with the assistance of your legal counsel, to shed light on all aspects of the dispute and direct you towards the best possible solution. Often a process like this takes time. Mediation provides that time, which is not possible in the court room.

Find the accredited mediator who suits you, whom you believe can contribute effectively to a positive outcome in your case. Our firm is here to provide trust-worthy, responsible accredited mediation services with all the guarantees afforded by the applicable legislation.

Call us to learn more about mediation and find out more about everything you didn’t know until now about this remarkable alternative dispute resolution mechanism! Everyone really should give it a go.


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