Law Office Evgenia Fotopoulou
6, Vasilissis Sofias Ave., Athens, Greece. P.C. 106 74
Phone: 210 36 24 769, 211 7 80 80 80


We undertake and resolve in court and of course after having exhausted every prior attempt of private settlement), civil cases of every kind between individuals, or between individuals and the administration regarding:

• Hereditary rights; we are highly specialized and experienced in peculiar issues of hereditary succession.

• Family law cases, settlement of relations among spouses, child support/alimony lawsuits, adoptions.

• Rental disputes, lease money order, lawsuits regarding rent reduction, legal advice is also provided regarding the law on professional leasing.

• Reimbursement from car accidents, lawsuits against insurance companies and Supplementary Capital.

• Restitution lawsuits from tort and contractual liability.

• Drafting of contracts that settle relations of private law.

• Settlement of issues regarding building blocks and of cases among co-owners, Neighbor law.

• Enforcement for the collection of debts, confiscations, mortgage underwritings, conduction of auctions.

• Founding of foundations, of civil non-for profit companies. Complete legal support for the amendment of their statutes. Management of foundations’ and information on the special legislation that applies to the various categories of foundations.

• Property law, admiralty in rem, actions for partition, specialized issues of usucaption, petitions and lawsuits before the Cadastre, completion of all sorts of notary acts regarding rights in rem.