Law Office Evgenia Fotopoulou
6, Vasilissis Sofias Ave., Athens, Greece. P.C. 106 74
Phone: 210 36 24 769, 211 7 80 80 80


In the modern socioeconomic reality, corporate law is becoming one of neuralgic significance, which due to its multifarious and continuously shifting legal frame, requires constant surveillance and specialization.

We assume with promptness and efficiency:

– Founding/dissolutions (with or without a court decision), amendments of personal and capital companies, which are either listed on the stock market or not, representation in General Meetings and drafting of records, increase/reduction of capitals and special issues related to them, proclamation of voidance of General Meetings.

– Transformations, redemption, mergers, disintegrations, secessions of companies, control of property assets.

– Exercise of corporate lawsuits, replacement of the board or managers, issues of liquidation of companies, special cases of minority shareholders, extra-company agreements among shareholders, problems deriving from the underfunding of corporations, contracts of the corporation with members of the board of managers.

– Enforcement of dematerialized and tangible shares, seizure of shares, composition of usufruct and pledge, protection of founding titles.

– Companies’ bankruptcy, procedure of consolidation, penal procedure regarding bankruptcy and insolvency, adjudication of disputes.

– Constitution of bonds, concessions, legal consultation regarding emption rights and rights of conversion.

– Constitution of off-shore companies, establishment of foreign companies in Greece, establishment of branches or agencies.

– Legal consultation and information regarding the current way of companies’ establishment: “one stop Services”.