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Environment and Renewable Sources of Energy

We undertake the complete legal support and we provide information to investors regarding the current legislation on the Renewable Sources of Energy. Additionally, we have great experience especially in the sector of photovoltaic stations. The complication of the questions that arise around the constantly changing legislation on the law of energy, calls for solutions that are based on contemporary specialized knowledge and constant observation, not only of the related legislation, but also of the practice that is implemented when licenses are issued, and also during the completion of the projects by the responsible authorities during this phase. We provide legal advises not only during the stage of the preparation of the dossier with the application for licensing before the Regulatory Authority of Energy, the Public Power Corporation or the jurisprudent Operator, also during any complication that might occur during the stages of the licensing procedure.

The legislation regarding the protection of forests is directly correlated to the completion of stations of Renewable Sources of Energy. Because it is of neuralgic importance to the Environment Law, which is also comprised by a plethora of laws and circulars, undoubtedly, it requires synthetic utilization. In addition, there is the drafting of memorandums before the first and second grade committees for the settlement of forest disputes regarding the obviation of the characterization of a territory as a forest territory, which our law office also undertakes. Issues such as environmental responsibility, the management of waste, the environmental certification and the correlation of the environment with the internal market, demand far more space in the legal-political arena due to the character of emergency that the planet’s ecological disaster is gaining.