Law Office Evgenia Fotopoulou
6, Vasilissis Sofias Ave., Athens, Greece. P.C. 106 74
Phone: 210 36 24 769, 211 7 80 80 80


Labour has been over the centuries focal point of transaction with an important impact over the wider layers of society. Our law office, having had experience and being particularly sensitive on such matters, handles and monitors the constantly shifting legislative developments, while assuming:

– Work deeds and work contracts, along with contracts for independent services, coercive work contracts, work contracts with prior examinations, with prior trials, with membership access, special working contracts for persons with special needs, termination of contracts.

– Information on issues regarding salaries, leaves, allowances, dismissal, parallel occupation, equal treatment.

– Labour lawsuits of every nature, restitution claims, accidents at the workplace.

– Individual and collective lawsuits against private legal entities and public legal entities regarding the claim of rights provided by the labour law.

– Protection of the constitutional right to syndicate freedom and action, information regarding the right to strike, establishment/dissolution of work union organizations, claiming of rights that derive from Collective Labour Contracts.

– Social Insurance law, lawsuits against the employers for not paying employees’ premiums to the Institution of Social Insurance, representation in front of the Labour Inspection, rights to lump sum money provisions.

– Special cases of retirement, calculation of pensions and re-adjustments, issues of suspension of parallel labour of a pensioner, claiming of allowance during the stage of retirement.