Law Office Evgenia Fotopoulou
6, Vasilissis Sofias Ave., Athens, Greece. P.C. 106 74
Phone: 210 36 24 769, 211 7 80 80 80


Our law office is specialized in cases of medical law, and we have history of intense judicial practice regarding issues of civil and penal liability of the medical and paramedical staff that arise from negligence. Indicatively, we refer below to some cases related to health law that our law practice has dealt with:

–   Handling of civil and penal cases in court regarding issues of medical liability due to negligence during an operation/ medical-surgical act (malpractice). We cooperate with an experienced and specialized medical group that provides us with the necessary knowledge on medical scientific issues, relative bibliography and medical guidelines.

–     Protection of doctors from disciplinary prosecutions, observation and support during the entire procedure of the Administrative Inquiry under Oath, drafting of memorandums and representation before the disciplinary instruments.

–     Issues of medical ethics, hierarchy issues in the current medical legislation, obligations and sentences.

–     Information regarding issues of extent of the medical confidentiality, information of the patient, obtainment of a patient’s consent. Drafting of contracts for the hospitals regarding the valid obtainment of consent.

–     We provide legal consult on matters of medical practice by professor doctors, relations among the self-administrated University and the National Health System.

–   Information regarding the legal frame on medically assisted reproduction (MAR), the conveyance of genetic material, the manner of operation of the units of medically assisted reproduction (MAR) and of the Banks of Cryopreservation. We provide legal advises on insurance issues related to the social insurance organizations and the costs they cover when the methods of MAR and surrogate motherhood are implemented.

–    Administrative recourses and appeals of cancellation regarding promotions (professional evolution to the next grade), objections before the Council of Medical Staff Committee.

–     Professional law of Doctors’, of interns and of the paramedical staff, issues regarding payrolls, calls, leaves, monthly compensations and allowances, detachments and transfers, working as a freelance professional, regimen of working in public hospitals and issues of doctors’ retirement.