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Public Law

Our law practice undertakes legal cases before the administrative courts of all levels of jurisdiction for the settlement of disputes between the administration and the individuals, by exercising lawsuits, recourses, and requests of cancellation. We provide complete legal support, starting from the attempt of private settlement of the dispute (objections, hierarchical recourse, quasi judicial procedures, special administrative appeals) until the issue of irrevocable court decisions, indicatively on cases of this nature:

– All forms of tax disputes, injunctions for the issuance of suspension, preparation and completion of the entire procedure for the discussion before the Committee for the compromise settlement of tax disputes and controversies, handling of controlled and uncontrolled cases of revenue taxation.

– Drafting of objections, lawsuits and recourses regarding issues of individual and collective social insurance, provision of legal counseling on pension cases, judicial claims of allowances during the retirement, settlements of disputes that arise from the function of various sectors of health insurance of public welfare organizations.

– Administrative contracts, contracts of public works, and concession of public service, legal transactions with Organizations of Local Self-administration regarding real estate leasing or transaction, disputes that occur from public assignment, contracts with foreign countries’ public organizations, dealing with issues of extraterritoriality.

– Restitution lawsuits against Organizations of Local Self-administration and Legal Entities of Public Law deriving either from tort or contractual liability. Restitution on the grounds of violation of the right to equal treatment.

– Cancellation procedure before the Council of State, Constitutional rights and contravention of anti-constitutional administrative acts.

– Legislation regarding the employees of the Administration, dealing with issues regarding the service status of the employees of the administration, civil-penal-disciplinary liability of the employees of the administration, judicial protection

– Expropriations, acts of recognition of the beneficiary, issues of rights in rem with the Public sector as the other involved part (cases of usucaption against the public sector, judicial partition when the public sector is a co-owner), regularization after the inclusion of an area in the city plan, issues regarding the areas within and outside the urban plan, pre-1923 existing housing estates, contribution in real estate property and money and special categories of housing estates.