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The Internet is the largest system of computers in the world and it has managed to affect our everyday life, the procedure of production, and generally our whole trading behavior. Even though a law regarding the internet is currently absent, the cyberspace is regulated by a combination of provisions and as such, a spherical knowledge of the legislative system is a prerequisite for a lawyer. The law of the computers’ technology is immediately related to the law of telecommunications, which is regulated by specialized provisions that cannot be severed from technical knowledge. We have taken up and completed:

– Projects of insurance policies in front of ADAE (Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy), notifications to the National Committee of Telecommunications and Posts, vesting and logging of domain names, issues of protection of rights of intellectual property on the Internet, writing of terms of use for internet pages, contracts of transmission of personal data to third countries, issues regarding protection of private life.

– Protection of programs of electronic computers and databases, protection of the property right on the internet, drafting of electronic contracts, defining of the liability of the middlemen that provide services, actual flaws that result from hosting, issues that arise from electronic trade and the payment with credit cards, issues of electronic signature and electronic documents.

Contracts of transfer of numbering resources, contracts for the provision of telecommunication services, complete legal support related to the legislative frame of the National Committee of Telecommunications and Posts.